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acido 032 Web the sound there slipcover.
Squiggle pattern used for the slipcover, is a reverse mono screen print on natural wool felt. One of a range of prints I first developed in Italy. The technique is very simple, string is placed on top of the base fabric and then a silk screen. Black ink is pushed through the screen, when the screen and the string is removed there is an unprinted clear pattern  of the string. Squiggle is one step further where I took a string pattern to make a screen and this reverses the colour printing the pattern and leaving the base clear.
michelle jarvis
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the sound there 

acido 032




Have you ever heard of the Eva ep by Web on Fat Cat Records. 

A few years ago it was my introduction to Web. 

I knew Fat Cat Records was interesting and diverse, they where known for releasing mainly experimental electronica and psychedelic folk music. The Eva ep by Web was Fat Cat’s start with their label mission from their record shop in central London in 1996.

This ep has it all for me! A fusion of jazzy, bouncy, cosmic balearic, warped synth techno.

It was re-issued in 2008. 

Takuya Sugimoto aka Web while an art student in Osaka  around 1993 began recording Detroit Techno, Chicago House, Electro and Electronica.

He was helped by Ken Inaoka of Syzygy records, one of the first independent techno record labels in Japan,  by releasing his first productions. Takuya then continued to release under several aliases, such as COLOGNe, Dja-zz, Gana, Ura Ura and Sammansa.

While in Japan in 2019, on a 12 day Dresvn tour I was curious to know what had happened to Web.

I asked Saito of Newtone Records in Osaka if he knew anything of him?

Magically a month later Takuya sent me 16 unreleased tracks produced in 1994/95 stored on

dat cassettes and forgotten about until now.

Of those 16 tracks, eight became “the sound there” a double album soon to be released on acido records 2020.

dynamo dreesen

Takuya Sugimoto  aka web 1993


Takuya Sugimoto aka web 2020

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one-off mono print by michelle jarvis

Black ink, natural paper and leaves

ac 031

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ac31 YPY B promo.jpg

The origins of this four track vinyl begin at the Daphnia Club opening party spring 2019, in an industrial area in the suburbs of Osaka, Japan.

A one day mini festival combining djs and a bunch of local electronic live music performers. It was Dresvn’s very first appearance in Asia and kick started our 12 day tour through Japan.

Koshiro Hino, going by the name YPY, was performing that night and played the very tracks that are now out on acido 031.

Using two cassette players with single volume shifters for each drum element, he was intertwining mainly dry, short percussive drum structures, building up to a finale with sparse organ snippets.

A great introduction to Osaka e-music.

dynamo dreesen

Arriving, coincidentally, within days of the O'ERBRIMMING Birdcage 2LP on EM which compiles the best output of his cassette label Bird Friend, Koshiro ‘YPY’ Hino lands on the mighty Acido with four masterclasses in spry, spring-loaded but reassuringly smoked-out house mechanics. There's definite linkage with the werk of Dynamo Dreesen and the Neues Deutschland drone patrol - this record sounds more like an Acido record then a lot of Acido records tbh - but with a pinch too of Mark Fell’s and Beatrice Dillon's bright, broken, monochord wares, and the kind of low-slung, pellucid techno that comes out of the taps in Bristol. 

Always thought of Acido/SUED stuff as dance music for when you’re too zonked to get up out of your chair... so guess it’ll serve just as well for when you’re too paranoid to leave the house...

Good one this! 

Low Company - London

The printed pattern chosen for the acido 027 My House Not Your House vol.III labels was a further development of the simple mono chrome technique of placing string on the base fabric and pulling ink through a silk screen that had been placed on top. This time I added cut paper to control the string and make more of a definite chosen pattern.

Michelle Jarvis

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Low Company
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